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Best Horror - Short Film - Pol Diggler

Best Science Fiction Thriller - Pol Diggler


'The Sawyer Massacre: A Fan Film Unofficial Prequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'

Best Horror Film - Feature - Steve Denis Merlo



Best Magical Fantasy Film -  Georgios Evangellopoulos

Best Director in a Feature Film - Georgios Evangellopoulos

Best Actor in a Leading Role - Yiorgos Voulgaris

Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Maria Aliferi


'I Hate Myself for this: A Christmas Special'

Best Drama Thriller - Kyriakos Kakoullis


'In my House (В моем доме)'

Best Psychological Thriller - Stepan Chernetskiy & Ivan Chanov


'The Delirium Happiness of The Boogeyman'

Best Romantic Horror- Raphael Pillakouri

Best Actress in a Leading Role - Maria Kasinou


'The Detachment'

Best International Horror (Korea) - LEE DAEHAN

Best Actor in a Supporting Role - ZOO MINCHAN



Best Social Crime Thriller - Roman Volkov



Best Student Film - Yaromir Musov


'The Seer'

Best Supernatural Horror - Sergei Protasov


'Das Dritte Ich (The Third Me)'

Best Director in a Short Film - Markus Schuetz



Best Short Film Under 5 Minutes - Avgoustina Papadopoulou


'Noctis Cruorem'

Best Splatter Film - Kostis Antoninis, Babis Lolas


'Killer in a Small Town'

Best Crime Horror - Clinton Cornwell



Best Psychological Horror - JP Bradham

Best Actress in a Leading Role - Georgina Reilly



Best Achievement in Editing - Axel Zeltser

Best Achievement in Sound Design - Chris Mundi



Best Animation Horror - Duban Pinzon


'o I'

Best Experimental Horror - Manuel Troxler, Dominik Dördelmann, Lucas Vidensky, Marcel Sudholz



Best Fantasy Thriller - Natalja Matšenene


'A Life On The Farm'

Best Documentary Feature - Oscar Harding

'Diversion (Politics of)'

Best Original Score - Vincent Liben

'Pearl Dog'

Best Gothic Horror -  Samuel Jon Poyser, Bethan Coolin


Best Adapted Screenplay - Pierre Renverseau


'Dead (Martwi)'

Best Mystery Horror - Bartosz Inglot

Best Jump Scare - Bartosz Inglot


'First Blood'

Best Strange Horror - Olivia Loccisano

Best Achievement in Cinematography - Morgana McKenzie


'Morto Rossa'

Best Mystery Horror - Yan Berthemy

Best Achievement in Production Design - Gilles Surrel


'Like Every Thursday'

Best Supernatural Thriller - J.M. Asensio


'The Old Man in the Rocking Chair'

Best Giallo Horror - Eric Yoder


'Serialkiller (Serienkiller)'

Best Action Thriller - Dwight Darko

Best Original Screenplay - Dwight Darko


'The Wild Roots'

Best Fantasy Horror - Nicolas Millot


'The Sounds at Night'

Best Suspense Thriller - Aaron Garcia


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